Do your Parents need Lessons?


Today’s pole is do your parents need lessons? peters hill’s students say yes 102% and no 30% . the parents need lessons about being a better parent to you and your siblings at home. make sure you put what you think in the comments we will answer you back


Rewards in school – Have your say!


In school council meetings we have had lots of discussions about the different rewards systems in school! We think it is unfair that some children get star of the week and others have golden time or table points!


What do you think is good?

What could we do better?

Do you have an ideas of new reward systems we could use?

Should England have its own national anthem?


This week you were asked whether England should have it’s own national anthem. This poll was inspired by the story that members of parliament are to vote on giving England its own national anthem. The current British anthem, God Save The Queen, is used before most sporting events involving an English team or sportsperson. Scotland and Wales use their own songs!

We voted:

Yes            178                                                       No     48

Meeting with Mr Duncan


This afternoon 3 of our members had a meeting with Mr Duncan to discuss the 3 main things we want to change in school this year.

I am very proud of you all for working so hard to get this meeting organised and prepared. I know Mr Duncan is looking forward to meeting with School Council again once we have researched some other things to move forward with our plans.

Have a well deserved weekend! 🙂

School Learning Partnership

On Wednesday 4 members of the school council went to Ridgewood High School to work with the school learning partnership on an enterprise topic. The girls thought of ideas of how to raise money to enable us to get different things for the school, as well as thinking of a company name and logo.


Watch this space, I feel there may be a take over by school council!

Would you like lessons in more practical subjects?

This weeks questions is inspired by a new survey which revealed a list of the top 30 skills adults wish they had learnt at school.
Some of these things include ….
~ How to manage a budget
~ Understanding the importance if insurance
~ How loans work
~ How to tile a room
~ How to assemble flat pack furniture
~ How to change a tyre on a car
~ How to unblock a toilet
~ How to change a lightbulb
What do you think?
Would you like lessons on more practical subjects? If so what subjects?


Are SeaWorld right to be changing their orca shows in California?

This week your school council representative asked you –
Are SeaWorld right to be changing their orca shows in California? 
No doubt you will have heard the news that SeaWorld has decided to stop the current killer whale shows at its park in California – naturally, it’s got the whole world talking. According to the company’s chief executive, the San Diego, California park will “phase out” the current shows and take part in a new experience with a “conservation message” in a “more natural” setting – but details have not been revealed yet. 
277 of us said YES we think they are right to be changing the orca show. 120 of us said NO they should keep the orca shows.
Watch this space to see if we think the same as the rest of the country!

Cycling to school

bike to school

Last week your school council representative asked you if/would you felt safe cycling to school. As a school the majority of us said no.

More than 1,000 schools cast their votes and 59% of children in the country said that they do feel safe when cycling to school. This means that 41% of children  do not feel safe.